Hi I’m Kirsty, part time mermaid, full time book junkie. I live with my other half, two rugrats and a variety of animals in the beautiful county of Worcestershire.

Why the midnight review? I can often be found curled under a blanket in the early hours kindle in hand – there is something magical about the early hours when it feels like you are the only one awake and anything can happen. This blog is to share my love of all things book, with the occasional off topic thrown in if the mood takes my fancy.

What do I read? I do love a dark and twisty psychological thriller, the very occasional chick lit and the odd dystopian novel, but my true love lies with fantasy. I love the escapism you can only find in the world of fantasy, the characters, the world building – vampires, witches, shape-shifters, fairies – the list goes on, I love them all.

So a bit more about me, well, I swear far more than is appropriate for a mum of young children, I am far to honest, the mouth engages before the brain and I do not believe in beating around the bush – why bother when you can march right through the middle machete in hand! I prefer vodka to gin – shocking I know! Drink endless cups of tea and leave a trail of them in my wake. There isn’t a problem too great that can’t be solved with a good cuppa and a biscuit.

Come, have an explore and get lost in an unknown world with me!

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