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Books and candles just seem to go hand in hand, along with a good cup of tea. Three things I can get totally on board with. Over the years I have tried many different candle brands, from Indie to popular brands and I have finally found my favourite.

What am I looking for?

I want a candle to actually fill my room with scent as it is burnt. There is nothing more disappointing than a candle that smells beautiful, but light it and you wonder where that smell has gone.

If they are well packed and look good on my shelf that is a bonus. However, I’m not worried about colour/glitter/petals or any other random bits on my candles.

I also want uncomplicated scents, what do I mean by that? Some brands have so many different ‘notes’ to their candles I’m never sure what it is going to actually smell like. Inevitably these candles end up being overly sweet.

Why Laze?

Okay, so I may be a little obsessed with this brand. The photo above isn’t even my whole collection. I found Sarah’s company on Facebook, she is brilliant at being able to match your preference for smells with the scents she does.

In general I prefer fresh citrusy smells, however, come the Autumn/Winter I move into heavier traditional smells. Laze has something for everyone.

Sarah sells T-lights, which are a great way of trying lots of different scents, various sized candles, wax melters and wax melts.

Is anyone surprised I also own one of those? Actually I own two, the other is in my bathroom and I use Lavender and black Amber melts in it. The smell is incredible and I’m not one for Lavender but something about this mix is spot on.

Every single candle I have ordered has smelt amazing and continues to do so as it is burnt. They burn evenly and always to the very end. The wax melts, for me, last 4/5 uses per melt, depending on how long I heat them at a time. The t-lights also last for ages!

The Christmas Collection

Now is the perfect time to stock up for Christmas. This was my order that arrived a couple of weeks ago.

In my defence two of those were for my mum.

I’m totally in love with with Sweet Orange (I’m currently campaigning for that to become a permanent addition – Please Sarah!!). Christmas Spice is exactly what Christmas should smell like, gingerbread and cinnamon. It is gorgeous.

The final Christmas scent is Candy Cane, I ordered these in t-lights as I wasn’t convinced I would like the smell. Unfortunately I don’t, it’s not for me but it isn’t a scent I am drawn to anyway. That is my personal preference, however, it will make a wonderful present.

Sarah is currently doing gift boxes and they would make amazing presents.

How do you buy?

You can find Sarah via her Facebook page @lazecandles

She is most active there, just send her a message via the page and she will sort you out. You’ll see far more gorgeous photos of the candles than I can take.

There is also an Instagram page of the shop where these candles are sold. You can find them @balmjewellery.

If you do pop over let Sarah know Kirsty sent you.

I brought all these candles with my own money. I’ve posted this review because these are honestly the best candles I have ever brought. I am not receiving anything in exchange for this review.

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