My first Fairyloot, unboxing and thoughts @FairyLoot

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I’ve been tempted to get a book box for a while now and when I saw Fairyloot’s October theme ‘Love at first bite’ I was sold. Clearly a vampire themed boxed and I was pretty sure I knew what the book would be. Again, something I was really excited to read.

I made sure not to watch any spoilers and was so excited when my box arrived at the door.

So, What’s included?

I thought I would tackle this from my least favorite item to my most favorite and finally the book itself.

I know people love them but the tarot cards, as gorgeous as they are, are probably my least liked item. Only because I’m not really sure what to do with them. If you receive Fairyloot what do you do with yours?

The coasters and beanie hat are next. The coasters are lovely but very generic and I’ve seen better. The hat, only because I don’t wear them – I love the wording on it though.

The sticker in this box has a twilight quote on, which I actually don’t remember from the books. I would stick the quote in my books, only I don’t own them anymore. After a failed re read (they just didn’t hold the same appeal after all the hype died down) I decluttered them.

The art prints (I’m including the one related to the book as well) in this box are just gorgeous and I need to find a way to display them. I’m thinking of evicting some of my kids toys from the living room and creating a me space.

The next two items I loved, the pin and the candle. This month’s pin was a little bat and I adore him! I don’t care that Halloween is most definitely over, I am wearing that pin. The candle received is called My Last Sunrise and in case you didn’t know it is a reference to Anne Rice’s book Interview with the Vampire. Inside the candle is a quote from Louis, telling the reporter about seeing his last sunrise. It also smells amazing.

So finally, my favorite item was the book sleeve, a gorgeous deep red with black details. Featuring a quote from the most famous of gothic horror novels Dracula. A lot of fandoms featured in these boxes come from books I have never read. However, in this box I have read all the books featured so that made the products even more exciting.

What was the book?

This month the book was The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh. A novel set in New Orleans in the 1800’s. I will be reviewing this book and my experiences of the read-a-long in another post so be on the lookout for that. The Fairyloot exclusive edition is gorgeous. Red sprayed edges, reversible art on the dust jacket and signed by the author – Renee signed in red which I thought was a nice touch. We also got a map of the French quarter in New Orleans and a letter from Renee herself.

My only complaint about that was, it is was very difficult to read – the printing was fuzzy and it’s almost as if the letters have bled, which is a shame.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved this box. Vampires are among my favorite fantasy creatures. The portrayal of them is so different book to book. The fact that I have read the books featured made the box especially fun for me. Dracula and Interview with the Vampire are the two books that got me loving Gothic horror/fantasy and remain two of my most loved reads.

Will I get another Fairyloot box? Let’s just say the November box is already on its way. The theme is Magical Folk and will include, among others, Harry Potter items – yes please!

Would you be interested in a quick unboxing of that? Follow me on twitter (@purplekizz) or Instagram (@midnightreview) and I’ll put the details up when the box is in my hands.

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