Review Policy

Thank you for considering me to review your book, please take a moment to read through my review policy.

I am currently OPEN to review requests, please bare in mind I am a mum to two young children, as such time constraints mean I need at least 3 weeks to read and review a book.

Genres I read

I have quite eclectic taste when it comes to books and will try most things. However, my favourite reads are fantasy – I am always on the look out for a decent adult fantasy novel, although I will also read YA fantasy. I will also consider for review dark psychological/crime thrillers, light dystopian novels and the occasional chic lit when I need to shake things up.

Books I will not review

I am afraid that I just do not like historical novels, sci-fi or non-fiction – I will not review books from these genres.

The forms I will accept

  • A physical ARC of the book
  • A digital copy – I own a kindle so these need to be in mobi format
  • Requests through netgalley

What you need to include in your review request

  • The book blurb
  • The release date
  • Any other relevant information
  • If you have a timeline in mind for when you want the review posted – this is will influence my decision on whether or not I can review it

Please note, I will only reply to emails of  books I feel I can do justice to and I can review on time.

Any other information

I will always try and review in time for publication, but this is my hobby and as such I cannot always guarantee a strict time frame. If I do not like the book I will get in touch and we can agree on the best way forward. I am not paid for any reviews that are featured on my blog and all reviews will be honest and without bias.

Getting in touch

If you feel I may be a good fit, please get in touch, you can contact me via my email: midnightreviewblog (at) gmail (dot) com

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