Taming the TBR pile

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I was inspired to do this after seeing a tweet by Mai over on twitter (@maitaylor01) . She posted a photo of a jar which has the titles of all the books on her TBR, which she then pulls from to read her next book. I loved this idea and I have shamelessly stolen it.

Here’s my effort
The Process

I have so many books – we all do I’m sure. I decided to be brutal and have a good clear out. From the shelves I have passed on 23 books. For whatever reason they just didn’t call me anymore.

That left 33 for the jar.

Then came the netgalley books, I have 19 of those and that doesn’t include the copies for blog tours.

The kindle is where my greatest number came from. In fact I was quite shocked to see how many books were on there that I just haven’t read. Again I haven’t included blog tour books or netgalley books. In total I added 40 to the jar (9 of those are samples of books I want)

Finally the smallest number. I have 10 books that have been highly recommended to me but I don’t own them yet. They are books I really do want to read and I thought if I didn’t add them to the jar I will never get around to them.

This gives me a grand total of 102 TBR books. A number much smaller than some of you will have, I know.

My Organisation

Each book is written on a random piece of coloured paper, however, in order to find the book I did sticker each slip with the books location. I’ll never remember where to find it otherwise.

Does anyone else do this? How do you organize your TBR piles? I’m looking forward to seeing how this works for me.

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