The Book Fairy

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Has the book fairy been to your area? I feel this is a relatively new phenomena, feels very like the painted rocks that turn up every now and again. My kids love finding those and re hiding them. So, my daughter was very excited to find a book on the school run.

The book we found was, A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch by Jill Murry. That brought me back, I really enjoyed those stories as a child, they were first published in 1974. Full disclosure here, I probably came to the books via the TV series that came out in 1998. Back in the days of after school telly and the broom cupboard. Who remembers that?

As you can imagine my kids have no shortage of books – I think their book cases contain more physical books that I have. However, my daughter loved the discovery and was keen to have a look when we got home. At 4 years old she is actually too young for it, so I abridged it for her and we talked through the illustrations.

My son is going through a boy’s book / girl’s book thing and refuses to read anything that he deems ‘girly’. Unfortunately, The Worst Witch falls into the latter for him. If anyone has any recommendations for an 8-year-old boy please let me know. We are currently working through Beast Quest and Harry Potter.

We have now finished the book and will be hiding it back in the wild soon. If you are in our local area keep your eyes peeled!

For anyone thinking of doing this I came across this site:

I Believe in Book Fairies

They do official stickers, bookmarks and such like, but as you can see from my photos you don’t need these things. Just a passion for books and the want to share them. My kids book cases need a clear out so there may well be more coming your way.

Happy hunting !

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