The Die of Death By Kenneth B. Andersen @K_B_Andersen

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Philip’s adventures as the Devil’s apprentice have changed him—in a good way. Although he misses his friends in Hell, he has made new friends in life. But when the future of the underworld is threatened once again, Philip’s help is needed. Death’s Die has been stolen and immortality is spreading across the globe. Philip throws himself into the search—and discovers a horrible truth about his own life along the way.

The Die of Death is volume 2 in The Great Devil War-series.

My Review

The Die of Death is the second book in The Great Devil War. I reviewed the first book, The Devils Apprentice, you can read that here. I would highly recommend reading them in order for maximum enjoyment.

Since his trip to Hell, Philip is a changed boy. He isn’t the perfect boy he was before, he’s rule breaking and has friends for the first time in his life. He’s still in essence a lovely boy, he’s just more well-rounded now.

Just like the first book, this one also has an interesting premise. Death’s Die has been stolen which has huge repercussions. As Philip did such a good job of solving the riddle of the Devils illness, he is brought back to Deaths domain to find out what happened.

The Visuals

The descriptions of Death’s domain are excellent. Keneths imagination is great and he includes some really interesting visuals. I love it when a writer can draw me into a place, make me feel like I am there, alongside the characters and he does just that.

Side Characters

I really enjoyed the first book in the series but one of my complaints was not seeing enough of the side characters. I was so pleased to see that some of my favorites are back and we get to know them so much more. Grumblebeard, Ravine, Lucifax and of course the Devil to name a few.

Santine is present from almost the start, she is a great counterpart to Philip. Their developing relationship felt very natural and it will be interesting to see how it develops further.

Final Thoughts

Philip ends up going back to hell in the course of his investigation, there are still echoes of how Philip changed things there and it was just great. Some light hearted comical moments that were brilliantly placed.

Like the first book, this one had great pacing and some interesting thought-provoking moments. Without death, would life become meaningless? I can’t wait to see where we are taken next.

Thank you to Kenneth for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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