The O.W.L’s Magical Readathon, How Did I do? @MagicalReadthn

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April is almost over and with it The Magical Readathon. I have loved doing this and it’s gotten me out of a pretty entrenched reading slump. During the month I have read some brilliant books from a mix of genres and even broke my audiobook cherry.

I completed 10 of the 12 prompts, considering I only read an average of 4 books a month that some impressive reading for me. Especially given the circumstances we are all currently facing. So here is a quick run down of what I read and the training it was for. If I’ve already written a review, I will link it but some are still to come.


Ancient Runes

Frostheart – I loved this book, a fun, action packed middle grade. You can read my full review here.


Rebecca – this was my first audio book. I will be writing a post soon about my experience of listening to a story. I do feel I slightly cheated here, I didn’t realise until I was a way in that it was an abridged version. It still counts though, right?

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Coral – Oh my word this book holds a special place in my heart. It is a Little Mermaid retelling, so obviously I was interested (I adore all things mermaid). It is however, the original version retelling and it focuses very heavily on mental health. If you are in the right place to read it, I highly recommend it. You can read my full review here.

History of Magic

Darkwood – another middle grade read, this one is about witches, wizards, prejudices and communities coming together. My review can be found here.


Moon Called – I wrote my review of this on goodreads so in summery. This book really surprised me, I was expecting a paranormal romance but it wasn’t that at all. There is an undercurrent of romance but this is a great mystery. Brilliant pacing and a great cast of characters. You can tell there is more to them and I can’t wait to explore the series further. This first book has me totally hooked.

I completed all the prompts for the O.W.L’s part of Librarian, ready for the N.E.W.T’s in August.

Animagus Training


I read one short story from the Anthology Cursed. This is a collected of stories based around dark fairy tales. I read At That Age, it was okay and I am looking forward to reading more in that book. I’m currently planning a blog post on the best short stories I have read so look out for that coming your way.

Other Prompts


I Am Dust – the eagle eyed among you may notice this is a change from my original TBR. Unfortunately, I didn’t get on with that book and DNF’d it. I Am Dust, however, is a fantastic read. I loved every minute of it, you can read my full review here.


Mort – my only reread this month. I love the Discworld and I am taking part in Turtle Recall this year, a Discoworld readathon. I love Mort, this is the first in the DEATH series arc and one of my favorites from the books I’ve read so far in this series. There are 41 in total!


Scouse Gothic 3 – this is the last in a series I have been reading and I’ve really enjoyed them. They are a fun, quirky take on vampires and certainly nothing like you’ll have read before. My full review is coming soon.

Care of Magical creatures

Woven in Moonlight – I have found a new favourite, the writing in this book is stunning. The imagery created is just gorgeous. Find my full review here.

What Didn’t I manage?


The Girl and the Stars – this is actually my next read as I am on the blog tour for this in May. I can’t wait to get started; Mark Lawrence is one of my favourite fantasy authors.

Muggle Studies

Get a Life Chloe Brown – I do still want to read this at some point. The main character has fibromyalgia, which is a condition I myself have.

Final Thoughts

I am so proud of myself for managing to read this many books. I’ve had a great time doing it and can’t wait to crack on with the N.E.W.T’s in August.

Did you take part? Come and find me on twitter (@purplekizz) and have a chat.

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2 responses to “The O.W.L’s Magical Readathon, How Did I do? @MagicalReadthn

  1. So many good books on here! I LOVE Mort <3 I'm keen to try Woven in Moonlight and The Girl and The Stars. You managed to read most of these – congrats!

    • midnightreview

      I had such a good reading month! Woven in Moonlight is beautiful, I highly recommend bumping it up your TBR. My review of The Girl and the Stars goes live tomorrow. May has also started strong!

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