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A bold new anthology from the acclaimed editors of The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories

We live our lives in the daylight. Our stories take place under the sun: bright, clear, unafraid.

This is not a book of those stories.

These are the stories of people who live at night; under neon and starlight, and never the light of day.

These are the stories of poets and police; writers and waiters; gamers and goddesses; tourists and traders; the hidden and the forbidden; the lonely and the lovers.

These are their lives. These are their stories. And this is their time: The Outcast Hours


My Review:

When choosing an anthology to read, I usually look for an author I know well or it includes a off shoot story from a series I enjoy. Not so with this book. I haven’t read any of the authors work so I am coming into this with fresh eyes. Lets talk about the introduction to the book. Now I am guilty of skipping these but I urge you not to do that with this book. It was powerful, thought provoking and leaves you in no doubt as to what this book will contain. I embarked on the rest of the book with excitement and maybe a hint of trepidation.

There are a great mix of genres here so there really is something to suit everyone. I was naturally drawn to the more paranormal/supernatural stories. If you read my blog you’ll understand why. There are some crime stories, mysteries, thrillers and some gentler stories. What I love about a book like this is every story has an edge of tension about it. The author has to pull you in quickly and make you believe in the characters. This makes for some great reads.

I enjoyed most of the stories here, some just weren’t to my taste but I know others would have liked them. Every story here though does fit extremely well into the theme. There is something about the darkness. I’ve seen quite a lot of the early hours with my non sleeping toddler, and you do feel as though you are the only one awake. The possibilities at that time are endless and these stories touch on this. People change in the dark.

This is a great book to keep in the car or your bag. Some stories are as short as 15mins, brilliant to pick up when you need to kill a little time. I really enjoyed this anthology and I will certainly be looking some of the authors up. One story in particular, I am hoping those characters feature in a full novel. Overall a definite hit and one you should go and grab.

Many thanks to the publishers for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review and Tracy for inviting me on to the blog tour.



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