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Kesta had left her heart across the sea. They were at peace, her people saved from slavery, and yet… her soul was uneasy.

Chem lies in chaos, its people suffering as a result of the death of the ruling sorcerers. Refugees flee the cursed Borrows, begging for help from those they had made their enemy. A Queen unknowingly makes a dark, deadly pact, and new powers rise to fill the seats left empty by the Dunham necromancers.

My Review

This is the second book in the firewalker series. As per usual my review will not contain spoilers, however, I will be referring to events that took place in The Raven Tower. My review for which can be read here. This is not a book that can be read as a standalone and I urge you to read The Raven Tower first to get full enjoyment from the story.

I have been wanting to share my review for this book with you all since February. Emma asked me if I would be interested in beta reading The Raven Coven. I was thrilled. Especially as I’d threated to lead the angry mob, pitch fork in hand if The Raven Tower was a stand alone – I needed more! Let me tell you, Emma gave us more.

First Thoughts

I was supposed to give Emma a constructive review, instead what she got was a message that simply said ‘Holy Sh@tballs!’ I stand by that assessment. However, I will try and write a more comprehensive review for you.

The first chapter is structured through a series of letters. You learn what has been happening since Kesta left Jorrun in North Hold. Which broke my heart by the way. The letters are short and simple but reveal so much. A great way to move the story along without unnecessary padding.

The reason you need to have read The Raven Tower first is Emma doesn’t spend time filling you in with what has occurred before. I really appreciate that. It frustrates me no end when I read a series and the author spends time going over previous events. You are straight in and up to date ready to face what’s coming.

Kesta, Jorrun and other great characters

Kesta and Jorrun are rapidly becoming some of my favorite fantasy characters. Jorrun’s character development in this book is especially evident. He really grows in strength as a person. No longer isolating himself from the outside world. Both of them wants to do what’s best for the people that need them. To the detriment of their own happiness as evident in the first book.

Kesta also becomes more sure of herself and seems to develop or learn to control her powers more. She is a natural born leader and I enjoyed seeing this develop, the genuine care she has for others is a joy to read about.

Two characters we really get to see more of are Dia and Osun. I loved the fact we really get to know Dia in this book. She’s one kick arse lady. She commands respect because she respects others. Some of my favorite scenes take place in The Fulmers. You understand completely why she is Icante.

Osun, now there is an interesting character. He is very easy to dislike, but he is a product of the land he grew up in. His attitude towards women was necessary in order to blend into Chem so it was understandable. What happens in this books proves he is so much more, he really tries to make up for the mistakes he has made in his past. However, you have to ask yourself if they were mistakes? He is the character that made me think the most.

Look out for Temerran and his emerging friendship with Dia – what a great platonic relationship. Something you rarely see. Plus I have a bit of a book crush on Temerran, not going to lie.

Chem, Elden and The Fulmers

Oh we are back in Chem for some of this book. A vile country. Chem was left in disarray after Kesta and Jorrun unseated the Dunham overlord. They have no choice but to go back and fix it. To implement permanent changes and bring about a better future for the women of Chem. We all remember how much Kesta detests that place, she wont be leaving it the way she arrives.

There is so much going on this book. Yes a lot goes on in Chem but there is also a conspiracy going on in Elden, as well as refuges from The Borrow’s turning up in The Fulmers. I love the way the action is taking place across the lands. It sounds like it would be hard to follow but it really isn’t. It just works.

Final Thoughts

This is a thrilling read, the pacing is perfect. Emma has packed in the action. I love how different events are happening in different places. You bounce between them but they all tie in to the greater arch of the story.

The latter stages of the book were very intense, going from one crises to another but it all ties in. There are some real heart in the mouth moments and you will feel all the feels. I loved how all fractions came together in this book. Instead of being totally separate they have to work together.

I still have questions though, I really hope this isn’t the last we will see of these characters. I have grown very fond them and it is a series I can see myself rereading many times. Emma please don’t make me get that pitch fork out.

Massive thank you to Emma for allowing me to beta read this for you and to Rachel for inviting me onto the tour. I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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Author Bio:

I presently live in the stunning county of Dorset where I’m a cat slave to Wolfe and Piglitt. I spend as much time as I can outside in nature and love exploring and learning about new cultures and languages. I’ve visited Greece, Serbia, Transylvania, Sicily and Norway as well as making several road trips around our beautiful United Kingdom. I paint, sculpt, dabble in photography and do a little archery but most of all – whenever I get a chance – I write.
My writing started from a very young age when I often found myself being the one taking charge of and entertaining all my younger cousins. They loved to hear my stories and although they mostly called for ghost stories it was fantasy I fell in love with when I read The Lord of the Rings when I was ten. I went on to write stories and short ‘books’ for my friends through school and college; then one evening whilst I was waiting for my aunt and uncle to visit an image came to my mind of a boy sitting beneath a bridge. I didn’t know who he was or why he was there, but from exploring those questions ‘The Wind’s Children’ trilogy blossomed and grew with roots going back into his far history as well as stretching out to his future. The boy’s name was Tobias.
I have since left Tobias’s world of ‘Naris’ to explore the Valley with Feather in the ‘Hall of Pillars’ which is now available through Amazon. I am now presently finding my way through Elden, the beautiful Fulmer islands, the ravaged Borrows and haunted Chem with Kesta Silene; a shamaness of sorts with a big journey ahead of her. I hope you come along to share her story and join her adventure; she needs you and you won’t regret it.

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