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Aside from a quaint amusement park, the small town of Lakeview offers little excitement for Duane, Savannah, and their friends. They’re about to endure their ten-year high school reunion when their lives are shattered by the arrival of an ancient, vengeful evil.

The werewolf. 

 The first attack leaves seven dead and four wounded. And though the beast remains on the loose and eager to spill more blood, the sleepy resort town is about to face an even greater terror. Because the four victims of the werewolf’s fury are changing. They’re experiencing unholy desires and unimaginable cravings. They’ll prey on the innocent and the depraved. They’ll settle old scores and act on their basest desires. Soon, they’ll plunge the entire town into nightmare. 

 Lakeview is about to become Wolf Land.    


Today I am brining you some interesting facts about Jonathan. I am determined to read one of Jonathan’s books soon as they sound fantastic and are right up my alley. In the meantime please enjoy what I have for you today.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me:

1. Gravedigging: One summer in college, before I began work as a teacher, I needed a job, and since I knew I wanted to write horror novels eventually, I went to the graveyards around Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana, and asked the owners/caretakers/sextons/whatever you call them if they had any jobs. One place did. I took work there and performed all manner of tasks, including digging graves. This led to all sorts of adventures. 

 2. Stephen King Saved My Life: Okay, not literally, but he did save me emotionally when I was fourteen years old. I’ve written about this elsewhere, but in case you haven’t heard, here are the specifics: When I was fourteen, I was convinced I was an idiot. I didn’t read books because I just knew I wasn’t smart enough to comprehend them. On a whim, I picked up a paperback novel called THE TOMMYKNOCKERS from a Hallmark Gift Store, took it home, and began to read it. That day, my life changed. I realized I wasn’t an idiot at all–I had just been reading the wrong books. From that point on, my confidence slowly grew, and now I’m writer and a teacher. But it all traces back to Stephen King and his positive influence on my young psyche. 

3. Beach Land: The climactic scenes in my novel WOLF LAND are set at Beach Land, which is actually a real place called Indiana Beach. Back in college I worked at the Indiana Beach water park and the nearby campground, and my connection to these places proved valuable when writing WOLF LAND. There’s a scene in the water park, which was inspired by my summer as a lifeguard; there’s a scene in an open-air bar overlooking the lake, which is a real place called the Roof Garden; and there’s a scene in a haunted house, which was directly inspired by the haunted house attraction at Indiana Beach. 

 4. Go Cubs Go: I think sports can be wonderful and awful. I love baseball and basketball but also believe they sometimes encapsulate everything wrong with human nature. At any rate, I’ve been a big Chicago Cubs fan since I was about seven years old. When I was young, I spent a couple summers at a daycare center named Purple Turtle, and though the women who ran it were mostly nice, I hated going there. I finally prevailed on my mom to let me stay at my grandparents’ house during the summers. Despite the fact that my grandparents both still worked back then, I loved being at their house. I watched the Cubs just about every day as a kid, and during commercial breaks, I’d go outside and throw a tennis ball off their roof and catch it and pretend I was a Cubs outfielder. Now, my son and I go to Wrigley Field every summer, and I try to work a Cubs reference into most of my books. 

 5. Insomnia: I have severe sleep issues, and have suffered from them since earliest childhood. Only over the past few weeks have I finally begun to sleep a little more regularly. My wife bought me a weighted blanket, and I found a brand of Melatonin that seems to help soothe me. I’m hoping the change is permanent. 

 Thanks for hosting me, and have an awesome day! 


Author Bio:

Jonathan Janz is the author of more than a dozen novels and numerous short stories.

His work has been championed by authors like Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, and Brian Keene; he has also been lauded by Publishers Weekly, the Library Journal, and the School Library Journal.

His novel Children of the Dark was chosen by Booklist as a Top Ten Horror Book of the Year.

Jonathan’s main interests are his wonderful wife and his three amazing children.

You can sign up for his newsletter (https://jonathanjanz.us12.list-manage….), and you can follow him on

Twitter @JonathanJanz

Instagram @jonathan.janz

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